6 Months to Success

Work with me over the course of 6 months to reroute your life journey in the direction you want, make healthy lifestyle shifts, and bring those goals of yours to life!

6 Month Program:

In my 6 Month Program, I work with women one-on-one to develop a deeper understanding around self-love, purpose, exercise, creativity, career, joy, home-cooking, home-environment, and relationships! I support my clients in envisioning and living out their best life! This is a completely holistic overhaul that rekindles the spark to live a rich and nourishing life!

Six months is the perfect amount of time to get clear on short, mid, and long term goals, develop healthy, smart ways of approaching those goals each and every day, as well as manifesting betterment and happiness along the way.

I work with my clients in person or over the phone for 1-hour sessions every other week; that’s 12 sessions per six months. In between sessions I provide an informative email that recaps our last session together, offer accountability and support, as well as new lessons and what I like to call “heartwork” (no homework, here!): creative, introspective work to keep clients inspired and eager to push forward on their journey to developing a deeper sense of Self and fulfillment!

This entire program is based on YOUR goals, and catered to meeting you where you are today, away from stagnation and into a growth mindset. In Integrative Nutrition there is no “one size fits all”. It is our job to be our own detectives to see what holistic modalities work best for us, on this day, at this age! This work is very individualistic and unique to you.

Price: $300/month or $1500 in full

If this sounds like a program that you would benefit from, please sign up for a free consultation today so we can chat further!