The Universe Has Your Back

In the midst of darkness, grab a flashlight.
— Gabrielle Bernstein

This book offers a wonderful look at the power of positive thinking and the ways of the universe.  Bernstein uses her life experiences and teachings to educate the reader about the practices and mantras that they can use on a daily basis to help pull them out of a life filled with fear and anxiety, guiding them toward a life full with positivity, pleasure and abundance. 

The reader doesn’t need to be affiliated with any religion in order glean great information and insight from this text.  Bernstein makes herself very relatable and guides the reader through a series of steps that haven proven to help her and her clients achieve happiness and success, with stories to back up her research. 

The intent of this book is to teach the reader the importance and power of surrendering to love as often as possible.  This was a wonderfully insightful read that would be very helpful for anyone suffering from anxiety, fear, stress, or simply anyone who is stuck in their old ways wanting to find a deeper connection with universal oneness and love.