Monthly #goaldigging

When you can’t change the direction of the wind— adjust your sails.
— H. Jackson Brown Jr.


This bright sunshine pouring in the windows has more spring in it each day.

With two full moons this month it's the perfect time to clear up some stuff and do a little goal digging!  So grab your favorite pen, your planner, journal or favorite stationary, put on the new Nourish playlist The Blue Moon Month and let's dive in!


Now that we are officially out of the two-month honeymoon phase of 2018, the fog has lifted and we can finally see clearly and authentically through our resolutions and the vision we have for ourselves these next 10 months. This is a great time to do some reflecting and guided journaling.  We'll start by taking baby steps, just looking at the month of March, but feel free to apply this practice to every month for optimum manifestation.  

  • On a fresh page of paper (the actual handwriting part of this practice is important!) write the Month in big, bright capital letters
  • Underneath the month you're going to begin to list 10-15 intentions that you have for yourself (no family members, lovers, friends... just YOU!) Be as specific as you can. This list represents the very specific intentions you have for yourself this month.  No goal is too small.  Don't second guess yourself, just write! You can always edit and draft another list afterwards but it's great practice to get it all out on paper first! 


1. Feel deeply
2. Speak my truth (listen to my needs)
3. Find pleasure in transitions
4. Take myself out to lunch
5. Go for a walk in the woods
6. Read a book that's on my list
7. Sign up for a Saint Patrick's Day 5k
8. Drink 75 oz. of water a day
9. Get a massage
10. Buy as much as I can from the bulk section

Bonus work

Underneath each goal, write one sentence explaining yourself like so: 

I do _____.  I do not _____. 
I am _____. I am not _____. 
I care about_____. I do not care about _____. 

1. Feel Deeply
I allow myself to feel deeply and authentically so that I can feel through the emotions that come up for me.  I do not suppress my feelings out of fear that it will make someone else uncomfortable. 

Happy #goaldigging!  Be sure to post this list somewhere that you're going to see it everyday-- this is where the real manifestation happens! I like to put mine up by my bathroom mirror or on my dresser. 

In health and happiness,