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Tunes you can snuggle up with that will keep you warm this winter season.  Whether you're walking through a city, or on a frozen dirt road in the North Country, this list is for you!  Music to commute to, with your warm chai in hand.  A soundtrack to live by.  Sounds that will allow you to settle into your truest, deepest, most sensual self.  Background beats to cook and relax to.  
A breath of crisp air.  
A playlist for you, from me.
Xx Molly 

A Time for Transitions + Internal Pruning
Scorpio is intimate with the natural cycles of death, rebirth and transformation. She is the Seeress, who sees beyond the veils of the known and is at one with the deep mysteries.

She reminds us of our innate ability to transmute poison, symbolized by the Scorpion, into wisdom symbolized by the Snake, so we can soar high like the Eagle and gain a broader vision of our Lives.

Like her fourth embodiment, the Phoenix, she reminds us of how time and time again, we rise from the ashes of own transformation.

This new moon in Scorpio is inviting us to shed some energetic layers, do some internal pruning and let go.  To read more about the Astral Insights from MYSTIC MAMMA for this time that we're in, visit their page here.

Photography by  Tom Attwater

Photography by Tom Attwater

We do not need to be reminded of the bad that is happening in this world.

The newscasters and journalists are already covering that.

Instead what we need to be reminded of is the good-- not because there is less of it in the world, it is simply because whether we can admit it or not, so many of us are not fully choosing to focus on the good.  Instead, we're choosing to be funnel fed by one or two news providers and calling that good enough.  In Ayurveda, this is looked at as poor mental hygiene.

Your outlook on this world and your future are a direct reflection of how you're choosing to live and who you are choosing to surround yourself with.

Let YESTERDAY be the last day that you are okay with your complacency. Wake up! Awaken to the bigger picture that you are a living, breathing being! Let us find ways to stay connected to this living world in ways that feel good to us.

When our body is stressed day in and day out, our sympathetic nervous system is working on overdrive for us, to keep us upright and moving through life as efficiently as possible.

And aside from the bad news, we are still a western culture that is chronically faced with fight or flight. Rushing off to work, rushing to the gym, rushing to yoga(!), tapping our fingers as we sit in rush hour wishing we were able to rush off somewhere else.

Over stimulated and stressed AF.  Our bodies have not evolved to have this response over and over, everyday.

However, when our bodies are in a relaxed state, we're able to have colorful, bigger thoughts, and experience fun because we're no longer limiting our bodies and minds to "survival mode"; fight, flight, or freeze.

There are a lot of cultural theories including Ayurveda and Chinese medicine that talk about the energetic meridian system that speak about blocked channels and chakras.  Both practices talk about the toxicity that develops in the body when a blockage builds somewhere in these energetic channels.  These blockages can occur through repressed stress, trauma or inimical emotions that haven't had a chance to be released by the person.  Depending on where these blockages exist, specific holistic practices in lifestyle and diet can dismantle the blockage, which over time will allow the body to flush the toxic energy, clearing the energetic systems and freeing you of any obstructions in your circle of life.  

The Circle of Life elements are the primary foods from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  They include: 

Joy, Spirituality, Creativity, Happiness, Finances, Career, Education, Health, Physical Activity, Home Cooking, Home Environment, Relationships and Social Life. 

Understanding the relationship between these practices is certainly not a one stop shop for curing all of your ailments or stress, but in my opinion, it's a pretty great place to start if you're interested in raising your awareness of the impacts stress can have on your body.  Integrative health care is the marriage between western and eastern health care.  When we learn to see both the holistic and the clinical side of an issue that arises in the body or mind, we're choosing to look at the whole picture. 

In the coming months I will continue to break down what stress can look and feel like, and what holistic modalities and small daily practices we can experiment with to help us live vibrantly and fully.  Continue to do the good work that you're doing and use this time of the new moon as inspiration for your personal development, growth, transitions and possible rebirths. 

+ Here are some other considerations worth looking at: 

-Who are you following on social media (perhaps pruning your list of those you choose to follow--making sure the accounts align with how you are working toward showing up in life)

-Who you surround yourself with (especially when you're not at the work place) 

-What books/ magazines you're choosing to read for pleasure 

-What your self care routines are looking like these days

-Perhaps choosing to go on a digital detox

-How much news exposure you're getting and where it's coming from

-Journaling (put your thoughts down on paper; morning pages- a 10 min purge of continuous thoughts and feelings written down on paper)

-Going to bed... are you watching tv? or reading? The way you fall asleep will ultimately dictate the rest your body will receive. 

Just like anything, and I can't stress this enough, what you get out of this self work is proportional to what you put in.  Combating stress in a holistic way takes an immense amount of discipline in 2017.  Choose to start advocating for yourself, today. Tis the season!

Let us all do some internal pruning.  

In health and happiness, 


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