The Circle is a Multi-day, immersive gathering, held off the grid, tucked away in the Kootenai National forest for women who are looking to deepen their connection with themselves, and nature. This extended weekend away is equal parts personal retreat, real connections, and celebrations of nature. A time to slow down, breathe in the mountain air, and be.


Community Meals 

The menu is completely curated by Molly. Using her deep knowledge and years of experience in the kitchen and in Integrative Nutrition, all meals will focus on local, delicious, seasonal, whole foods. All meals are refined sugar-free, and will leave you feeling clean, energized and nourished; taking all the guess work out what to eat! After signing up for The Circle, you’ll receive more information regarding the weekend menu. If you have any particular diet restrictions, Molly is happy to accommodate!

Rest & Relaxation

These 4 days are created to serve and support your deepest goals for personal growth and well-being. This will be a weekend-long buffet of holistic and artistic workshops to ease the mind, reset the heart, and feed the soul, all while having plenty of personal time to nap by the pond, dip your toes in the river, or curl up with a good book by the fire place.




NorthWestern Montana

Spend a deeply relaxing 4 days exploring the wild surroundings of the Montana Rocky Mountains in the temperate rainforest of the Cabinet Mountains, bordering the Idaho panhandle as well as Canada. Because of our rural location, you’ll have access to hiking trails, lakes, ponds, and rivers literally within walking distance. Relax, go for a run, hike into the mountains, swim, whatever suits your fancy. This is a relatively secluded location with no cell phone service, making it the perfect place to unplug and reset!


Welcome Kit: upon arrival you’ll receive a few sustainable goodies to aid in your immersive experience

Vinyasa Yoga led by Molly daily

Through guided meditations, journaling, sitting with nature, creative exercises, visualizations, and group conversations, guests will:

  • Feel empowered to peel back the heavy layers that may be keeping them in a holding pattern in the “comfort zone”

  • Identify negative thought patterns

  • Release what is no longer working for them

  • Establish healthier ways to move forward in life

Friday-Sunday Brunch and Dinner curated by Molly

Not included: Please note, Thursday Dinner, and Monday Brunch are not included, as well as transportation.





The host : 

Molly Murphy Moran

Driven to understand the inner-workings and healing benefits of community over the years, Molly Murphy Moran has created The Circle as a way to share her love for movement, food and celebration. 

While studying preventative holistic modalities that combat stress lodged in the body, Molly is well versed in the emotional and physiological ways stress can affect the wellbeing of each individual, and believes in the power of reseting in nature.

After 6 years of teaching, researching, and completely enveloping herself in her studies of holistic health, Molly has birthed this retreat with a yearning to share the beauty that is: healing the Self by yourself in the company of others. 

Welcome to The Circle. 


The Montana House

These remote 20 acres include a creek, pond, meadow, and so much more. Natural elements are intentionally woven into the entire structure and aesthetic of the interior and exterior of this home and the overall feel encourages instant relaxation and reconnection.

Get back to the simplicity and joy of life.

retreat program

Wake up to a warm cup of tea and a morning meditation as the sunlight begins to creep into your tent. 

A light breakfast will follow after morning meditations, into a cathartic and rejuvenating yoga practice to get the day started.

Enjoy locally roasted coffee along with your beautiful family-style brunch that will be served right at the House in Lady Marie ceramics.

In the free afternoon hours, you can hike and explore the property, lay out in the sun, go for a dip in the river, journal, or simply relax and take a nap.

In the late afternoon, join us for holistic and artistic workshops.

Dinner will feature healthy seasonal cuisine, where everyone will congregate for sunset cocktails/mocktails and a long lazy family-style meal.

In the evening, gather around a bonfire, enjoy a late night read, or retreat to your tent under the stars.

Locally Sourced REtreat MEnu

The retreat menu has been carefully designed by Molly to highlight the fresh, late summer foods of the Pacific Northwest.  Ingredients will be locally sourced by nearby farms and markets.

All meals will have the option to be gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free.

We will absolutely be able to accommodate any dietary restrictions that you might have. Please be sure to just communicate any food preferences with us upon booking.

getting there

The beauty of this location is that it is tucked away but still fairly easy to get to.  If you are flying in then we recommend booking your flight immediately after registration to Kalispell City Airport. The Montana House is about a 2.5 hour drive Northwest to Troy and then just another 6 miles outside of town from there!   

If you have any logistical or scheduling concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to Molly for assistance (


All payments are non-refundable. This is an intimate, and highly coveted experience, where deposits are used to source the food, teachings and accommodations that are offered at this experience. If an unexpected event occurs in your life and you’re unable to attend please email regarding options to transfer your spot to someone else, etc.

Payment plans are also available. If you’re interested in learning more, email


“I knew it was time to reconnect with myself. I knew I had to take time to figure out what was going on with me. What I didn’t realize is that I would be reconnecting with passionate, strong women. [At the Circle] I saw a reflection of something in each of the women, that I was going through or had gone through. From morning meditations, to soulful meals, laughs, and cries during conversations… It was these moments in between with these women that helped me regain my Self. I started to feel empowered again, confident in my ability to take this time to heal. Ultimately, I ended up finding me again. Molly’s love, compassion, and passion for community and self care is what brought these incredible women together. She reminded us that we all thrive when we have a community of people who understand and support our individual journeys— and that we are a circle. I will forever be grateful for this experience.” —Kati

“I truly don’t know if thank you is even the right thing to say. It doesn’t even scratch the surface of how grateful I am for this experience. I arrived with an empty cup, a lack of self-confidence, fatigue, and exhaustion. I have been burning the candle at both ends for so long that I’ve come to think of it as normal. I haven’t just sat, relaxed, and thought, for a very long time. Despite how nervous I was, I realized how bad I needed it. You helped bring a dozen strangers together and showed us our worth and value when we often overlooked it. I haven’t been able to share my concerns with anyone in a long time for fear of judgement. But the Circle felt safe— it felt welcoming. Like the beacon of hope I needed. I know I can’t change the things around me, but you’ve helped guide me on how to better react and accept those things out of my control. Thank you for raw honesty, for providing this micro-community of the strongest gals I’ve been blessed to meet, and for encouraging me to just BE ME.” —Bri

“The Nourish Circle Retreat was just that… a continuous circle of nourishment. Molly was able to bring a dozen women from all over the country together for four days of pure bliss, and head and heart work… Practicing yoga every sunrise, sleeping out in the peaceful snowfall, and everyone’s true emotional unfolding and openness, my cup is possibly the fullest it’s ever, ever, EVER been. I will never forget these women. I will forever cherish Molly and this experience.” —Mary

“Words feel so limiting when trying to explain the transformative change that defined this weekend. These days building this community have been filled with opening, with baring truth, with witnessing my own strength in the presence of these women whose stories help validate and make space for my own. When I walked in the house the first evening, I did not even realize how much I was holding, clenching, clinging, blocking out and keeping heavy in my heart. In this space you’ve created and cleared for us to come to know one another and to sit with ourselves, I have come back to myself— to a knowing myself that I doubted was even possible for me anymore. I feel alive and awake, confident and capable. But most importantly, I feel at peace knowing it won’t always be this way. I feel at peace knowing that when the brightness of these feelings fade, I can call them back; that these feeling are available to me at any time. This love, the one I’ve been craving— is mine. It always has been. And I am capable, so capable of sharing it with others, of making friends. It has filled my cup many times over to sit at our table of laughing women, of crying sisters, of brave friends. Making people smile, connecting without pretense or doubt, getting out of my own way & my own head. I can trust myself to love and build community. I can trust myself to be loved. I can love myself. To be filled, you must be open. Thank you for curating, offering, and protecting the space we needed, to do so. These are powerful women, this is an incredible pause, an exquisite parenthesis of time in the universe. Thorns, walls, samskaras, all laid down. We are all laid bare and we are together in our growing relationships with ourselves.” —Hallie

“There are not enough words to say thank you for such a life-changing experience. The Circle is exactly what I needed in my life. Coming from a group of negative vibes, I needed to be around a group of powerful women who believe in the same things as I do. You and your project have given me the validation I needed to know that I wasn’t alone, and that I am enough; there is nothing wrong with the person that I am.”


“The Circle is TRANSFORMATIONAL. No matter what point you are in life, you have something to experience, offer, and EMBRACE. There is nothing more powerful than a house full of women who are searching for their enlightenment— and you WILL find it at The Circle.” —Ashley

“When I signed up for The Circle I felt guilty. It seemed crazy to fly from Maine to Montana for a long weekend, but I knew that it was a gift to myself I would not regret, I just wasn’t sure why. I knew on some level then and it’s crystal clear to me now that I craved to be among women in a space that was designated for community, nourishing, healing, loving, and slowing down.

Molly cultivated this profound experience that felt and looked like meandering, stillness and repose while inside I was experiencing a momentous shift and reorganization. I was able to let go of things that have been weighing me down, the debris of which was washed away with tears, laughter, and the care of sisters. I have come away lighter. This was all catalyzed by and bathed in the subtle, sparkly magic that is community.

Molly attended to each of our senses, providing a truly nourishing experience from the inside out. There’s a lot more I could say about each thoughtfully placed element or the experience as a whole, but I think the magic is in the mystery. If it catches your eye and there’s any way to make it happen, do yourself a solid and get to The Circle. In the end I’m so happy that I trusted Molly and allowed myself to take her up on this experience, which feels like an offering straight from her heart. I’m home now and faced with life as I left it, but my cup is full and I know with more clarity what my personal work is. It is not ever easy, but it is worth it. I’m forever grateful to Molly, The Circle, and the truly beautiful and heartfelt group of humans I had the honor of sharing this weekend with for the space and love and perspective.” —Kate

All photos provided by the exceptionally talented Mary Kantner Photography